Vascularis is engaged on the dissemination, qualification and research of new techniques for atherosclerosis burden and cardiovascular risk assesment. The program includes professional services of excellence.

  • QUALIFICATIONfocused on the Total Plaque Area measurement (TPA).
  • TOOLSaccording to Dr. David Spence's guidelines.
  • TRAININGstudy and practice sessions.
  • QUALITY AUDITINGsystematized protocol for quality control.
  • SECOND OPINIONconsulting service by SPARC team.



Vascularis offers a variety of services to improve the user experience of TPA measurement and cardiovascular risk assesment.


Qualification is focused on the Total Plaque Area measurement (TPA), and the use of TPA to re-classify cardiovascular risk. It includes Training and Certification.


One of the main objectives of this program is the dissemination of TPA use for atherosclerosis assessment.


(2D validation, 3D development, image analysis): It includes research activities and the development of new techniques for atherosclerosis assessment, for example 3D, image analysis and composition of atherosclerotic plaque and vascular surface morphology. Using Software tools should be possible to perform multicenter studies with central.



Training program includes the theoretical background and acquisition of technical skills required for total plaque area measurement (ultrasound technique and use of IT tools). It includes study sessions (virtual, readings, videos or animations) and practice sessions in the training centres. Two levels: beginners and advanced.


The training program defines criteria to obtain a certification issued by SPARC.


ASTest Software is designed according to Dr. David Spence's guidelines, which permits recording and reporting of TPA measurements, and calculation of adjusted cardiovascular risk. It includes access to the software and the support for its use through CallCenter and email.

Quality auditing (central reading):

It comprises a systematized protocol for quality control of all the studies performed in the system, carried by SPARC team, and supervised by Dr. David Spence.

Second opinion:

Provides a consulting service for professionals using Vascularis. Professionals can request revision of complex cases by SPARC team and Dr. David Spence himself. This service does not only refer to TPA technique, but also to the therapeutic guidelines for high risk patients, considering the wide experience of SPARC team with this kind of patients.